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Shen's Developer Diary

Shen's Developer Diary


Fullstack Instagram Clone with Next.js

This is a step-by-step series on building a simple Instagram Clone using Next.js. You will get to see Tailwind, Mantine, NextAuth and Prisma in action to build this fullstack Instagram clone.

Articles in this series

Insta-Next: Introduction & Designs

Apr 6, 20237 min read

Let's build a fullstack Instagram clone using Next.js, Prisma and Mantine · Welcome to Building Instagram Clone with Next.js series! In this first part,...

Insta-Next: Introduction & Designs
Insta-Next: Constructing Database with Prisma
Insta-Next: Exploring APIs with React Queries
Insta-Next: Improving UI with Mantine and Tailwind
Insta-Next: More UI with Mantine
Insta-Next: Authentication with NextAuth