Hello, Hashnode

Hello, Hashnode

I’ve decided to move my blogs over to Hashnode!

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What happened?

My new portfolio website

Due to reasons, I decided to archive my old website, which then prompts the question of where should I be writing my blogs. I managed to rebuild a new portfolio website and decided to separate my portfolio from blogs this time.

There are quite a few reasons, but I guess the main reason is that the theme isn't suitable for blogging. Initially, I wanted to rebuild a blog website using Next.js, however, I decided not to.

Why Hashnode

I’ve looked at some of my favorite bloggers, such as Prometeus’ https://halfrost.com/ and my recent Victoria’s https://lo-victoria.com/ to gain inspiration. Aside from the contents, I loved their design a lot.

As usual, I checked the sources of their websites, Prometeus' was hosted in Ghost while Victoria hosted hers HERE! I quickly disregarded Ghost due to the price, and Hashnode seemed to be the best option for me.

Upon looking into it, I was totally wowed! Of course, free things are always better, but their customizability and business model are simply mind-blowing.

That is, I was sold.

Oh, and of course I avoided Dev.to and medium because of user paywall and again, some features are premium-only.

What about DIY

Erm, well, I guess the main reason is lazy kinda busy recently. I was also lacking the motivation to start another web project after building my portfolio website. Especially after reading this article, I just gave up on building my own blog site.

In summary:

  • Lazy Rather busy recently

  • Lack of design idea (I'm just bad at this)

  • Hashnode is convenient and more specialized in things like SEO and social media sharing

  • I wanted to focus on writing, not building and maintaining the site

  • Many tools are provided by Hashnode like commenting, RSS and newsletter which would be too much work to implement myself

Back then with my older sites, I often spent too much time on tinkering with the tiny details (like margins...) and neglected the content, so let's see where can I get this time! 🤩